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How to choose landing gear ?

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Along with the rapid development of the domestic logistics industry, especially the highway semi-trailer transportation has increasingly become the new force in the long-distance transportation; semi-trailer transportation will become the direction of the transport industry.

Landing gear or landing leg, as the important part of trailer’s configuration, we need both to guarantee quality, but also to control costs when we choose it. So how to choose landing gears became a very important issue. According to the existing trailer models, combined with the legs of the brand model proposed I prepared the following comments for you.

1、 For transport in port and coastal areas, container transport is based on flat trailer and skeleton trailer, due to the regular coupling and re-coupling, the quality requirement of landing gears is very high, but these trailers are not normally overloaded. Professional and famous manufacturers’ 25T or 28T linkage type landing gears are recommended, although it will increase the a dozen dollars cost, but at busy port, a few hours delay would be a greater loss. At present, UT’s UT25TA, UT28TA, UT35TA models are recommended..

2、 Tanker trailers are roughly divided into powder trailer, liquid trailer and gas trailer. Because of the instability caused by the fluid swaying in the tanker or the mechanical rotation in the transport process, so the landing gears for tanker trailers not only to be able take the axial load, but also need the function of anti lateral load. Therefore, when we choose landing gear legs, should give priority to the 25T, 28T single drive type landing gears with quality assurance, such as our UT25TA, UT28TA, and UT35TA models

3、 For logistics or long transportation, lorries, stake trailers and flatbed trailers are mostly used, most of them have overload problems in China and some other areas. Normally, it is one truck tractor with one trailer, so we can consider economical 16T single drive landing gear or 25T, 28T linkage type landing gear type with ensured load ability, such as UT’s UTJ16TAF、UTJ16TAF、UT24TAF、UTJ28TAFY、UTJ28TAFY type landing gears

4、 Other vehicles like military vehicles, trams, machinery equipment, RV, loading ramp and so on, we should choose 2T ~ 25T landing gears according to the actual load requirement, basically, you can get them all in Chinese market. We should consider load ability, running stability, working environment, safety requirements and so on, such as our UT2T、UT5T、UT15T、UTJ16TAF、UT25T landing gears.

In conclusion, development requires products have much stronger market subdivisions, users’ requirement on quality and performance is getting higher and higher, we need to choose a proper supplier with Professional level production capacity, quality assurance and after-sales service to ensure our safety and business development.