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How to tell the quality of landing gear ?

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In Chinese market, for the same model (load capacity), the price differences vary greatly, from couple dollars to dozen dollars. What caused this price gap? Consumers are often confused, usually choose low price product, but sometimes it leads to frequent quality accident, low logistics efficiency, even major accidents, causes heavy loss. Then what exactly is the difference between the landing gears, we need to understand the pros and cons, know fairly to avoid mistakes.

1. Light capacity with heavy capacity labeled. Some manufacturers use standard loop, confuse the static load and the lifting capacity. The international leg model method is marking the lifting capacity. If the landing gears’ lifting capacity is 12T, static capacity is 24T, should be labeled as 12T landing gear, but some manufacturers label it as 24T landing gear. The price difference off cause is very big, but their 24T landing gear is actual 12T landing gear.

2. Cut corners, shoddy work. In some Chinese areas, manufacturers’ landing gears are very alike mainstream products, but the actual weight is 10-20 kg lighter. The martial they use like steel board, gears, nuts, leading screw are terrible, cannot be used, has large safety hidden danger. UT uses alloy steel, precision forging gears, screw rod, nuts, gears are all with well excellent material and heat treatment. So UT’s landing gear has strong durability and reliability. This is the kind of supplier you want to cooperate.

3. Fraud, confuse the public. Some small individual enterprises label their products with similar trademark or name with mainstream products; creates an illusion to the uninformed consumers, let them be deceived.